Major projects 2013


Change has many aspects and drivers. Taking a planned approach, designing effective people and change strategies, well executed communications and working with people are all needed to operationalise strategies that will take organisations where they want to go.

I am currently working on three major engagements:

- Communications Manager in the Tasmanian Electricity Industry Reform program. Electricity Industry reform involves major structural change. This in turn has a significant impact on the employees of the Tasmanian electricity businesses. My role in People and Culture Change focuses on communications within the State-owned electricity businesses to ensure employees are informed and treated with fairness and equity throughout the transition process. 

- Strategic HR and IR advice for OneCare Limited. OneCare is a leading provider of aged care with properties throughout Tasmania. The industry is experiencing growth and change. Building and delivering a people strategy that positions OneCare to deliver outstanding client care into the future is the focus of my work.

- Strategy and marketing advice for WHK Tasmania. In professional services, as with any other business, not all customers are the same. Success for WHK lies in focusing its efforts. I am helping WHK develop and operationalise its client segmentation and sales and marketing strategies.

In addition, I have facilitated strategic planning discussions, worked on values implementation and participated in recruitment decisions with a range of clients.