What Tomten can do for you

Business transformation and change management

Practical advice and support for organizations experiencing growth, consolidation or change.

Tomten Consulting can help you to lead and manage change in a way that gains the support and engagement of your people to successfully transition from the old to the new.

Tomten Consulting has worked with groups to deliver shared values, vision, goals, strategy, and action plans to identify and take the business to its desired future.


Tomten Consulting can design and facilitate group sessions to get everyone on the same page, solve problems and make decisions with buy in and commitment.

Locum/outsourced manager

Tomten Consulting can provide an experienced and successful senior executive to lead your team or project, manage a function or task and provide people management and change management advice.

Outsourcing to Tomten Consulting gives you experience, capability and commitment that is focused on the task.

Experienced at senior executive level in developing and implementing strategy for: